Below the carpet, beneath where people walk
Is a village of dust with creatures that talk
A village of wonder, of faith and good cheer
A crowd full of creatures that no one can hear
But once in a while a threat from above
Makes all the Dustanians rally in love
To save their quaint village from danger and fright
The spiders, the dirt and the dust must unite
Together in faith they'll hustle and bustle
To rescue their town, the town of Dusternuffle.


The story line is very cute! I like the fact that the story is based in a house carpet and the story is told from the dust bunnies.
Lexi T.

I received my copy of "Dusternuffle" and read it with my 8 year old son. He thoroughly enjoyed the story, the prayer and the testimonial from Josiah on the back. The book cover even has a different feel to it. Thank you (and Cassie) for bringing this charming and Christ-forward tale to life.
Anthony B.

This was such a sweet book. My boys 6, 8, & 9 loved it so much. The story is positive and about loving your neighbor and lending a helping hand. The illustrations are incredible! I would recommend to every family!
Liz S.

It was a whimsical and cute.
Jody S.

I thought this book was original and cute. It shows how people can work together to solve or at least help a problem. It also explains if you can't physically help a situation you can always pray.
Kathy W.

She is definitely my kinda writer/thinker. LOVE LOVE this book!!! It even ends w/ The Dusternuffle Gospel! I mean, c'mon! SO good!!! If you're attached to any kid in life or you have a dreamy, fun imagination... get this!
Molly P.

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The Puffdust Family was dearly loved in the village of Dusternuffle. Mr. Puffdust was one of the best workers at the local Ant Mill. He could package up crumbs in record time. He was speedier than an ant and even won the Crumbleton Award for dustiest achievement. Oh and Mrs. Puffdust...she was treasured by all! She was always helping the dustless, often giving crumbs to those in need. She hustled and bustled but never forgot to spread the dust. And little Dusty and Dirty? Why, they were just as lovable and dustable as their parents! They shared their savory soot stained sandwiches at school and played grubby games with their friends at recess. God had dusted the Puffdust family and so they made every effort to dust others.

Just like everyone in Dusternuffle, the Puffdust family celebrated traditions and holidays by going to ant parades and beetle festivals. Sometimes the Puffdust family would pack up and leave their country of Carpeto to take a vacation to the country of Dirtland. But the Puffdust family had also experienced sadness. About every 7 years, in Dusternuffle time, a tornado (which was actually Mrs. Tamber sweeping the house) swept through their beautiful village. And every so often there would be humanquakes, when little Tommy Tamber jumped on the carpet. But the humanquakes and the tornadoes weren't nearly as bad as the 30 year hurricane, (which was when the Tamber family had their carpet shampooed once a month).