The Daily Record - 'Dusternuffle,' a dust bunny story 17 years in the making, and fitting for these times


Ohioana Book Festival (Dusternuffle)
Radio Interview (RAW)
Interview - A Walk In My Shoes
IF Gathering - Perseverance
Return To Our Stink
Interview - On Purpose Ministry

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Each of us is on a spiritual journey trying to figure out what or why to believe in these things! Rebecca the author of "RAW" takes us in her spiritual journey and shares her honest and genuine perspective on faith and the importance of understanding God's purpose in everything. Because He can use you in your brokenness and in your rawness in his perfect way. he is real. She is raw. She is honest. You'll find authenticity through your whole journey of reading "RAW".
Esly P.

I just finished reading this book by Rebecca Greenfield.... She speaks the frustrations and concerns that we all have with our relationship with ourself and God. She will ease your inner soul with Biblical truths, straightforward talk, and nudging. Go read...Go buy it.... support our next generation of awesome Christian women.
Shelley H.

Just now reading your first book! LOVE it.
Cathie A.

It's funny how the Lord knows what we need to hear and leads us to it. It's true how re-reading through books [RAW] opens us up to things we may not have noticed the first time around.
Kim S.

I am excited. I loved your first book.
Glenna D.

Just started reading your book. I'm only on the first chapter and already relating. It's like we are a square peg trying to be fit into a round's beautifully written.
Mindy H.