THE JOEL "deep dive" BIBLE STUDY: A Path of Repentance to RESToration (Participant's Guide)

In a world changed by the pandemic, civil unrest, political turmoil and hopeless situations, there is no better time to turn towards God. The Joel "Deep Dive" Bible Study: A Path of Repentance to RESToration (Participant's Guide) is a Bible study that provides hope through God's gift of repentance. It asks participants to examine their heart while intellectually inviting them to a robust study of scripture. Bridging the gap between Old Testament prophecies and New Testament promises, The Joel "Deep Dive" Bible Study illuminates God's reign and pursuit of His people through the hope of Jesus Christ.

Although the participant's guide is designed in such a way that it can be its own independent study, there are options available to invite others into the experience. Partnered with this book, The Joel "Deep Dive" Bible Study Leader's Guide, is a recommended resource to obtain especially if facilitating group discussions. It is designed to help foster stimulating group conversation and personal introspection. Participants will grow in Bible literacy as they receive practical applications to challenge their spiritual walk.

Participants will engage in something bigger, holier, and deeper than the comfortable Christianity to which so many have fallen asleep. It's time to wake up. It's time to count the cost. It's time to fall on bended knee before the God of both love and justice to find true rest through the path of repentance.

Table of Contents
Block 1:
Joel: Session 1 Opening
Joel 1: Session 2Joel 1:1-12
Joel 1: Session 3Joel 1:13-15
Joel 1: Session 4Joel 1:15-20
Joel 2: Session 5Joel 2:1-12
Block 2:
Joel 2: Session 6Joel 2:10-11
Joel 2: Session 7Joel 2:12-17
Joel 2: Session 8Joel 2:18-27
Joel 2: Session 9Joel 2:28-32
Joel 3: Session 10Joel 3:1-6
Block 3:
Joel 3: Session 11Joel 3:7-13
Joel 3: Session 12Joel 3:14-16
Joel 3: Session 13Joel 3:17
Joel 3: Session 14Joel 3:18-21
Joel 3: Session 15Recap Day

"Rebecca Greenfield, you did a great job with this book. I will testify for sure...the Lord has inspired you. It is overwhelming."
Solomon Zambo, Evangelist, Africa

"Change starts with repentance. As you dive into the book of Joel, you see the history of God's people, their desperate need for God and Joel's cry for change. It unveils for us a God who brings justice, but who also loves us enough to show us mercy. In this study we don't just see an ancient text, but we examine ourselves. Joel reminds us that the call to return to God is even more needed today and Rebecca makes it personal for us. This is more than a deep dive into scripture, it is a deep dive into our souls and our need for a Savior. Don't miss this study because change starts with repentance."
Pastor Cody Clark, Cross Point Christian Church

"Rebecca encourages us to know God through the book of Joel with fresh eyes and a renewed heart. This study begs you to turn the pages of God's word and allow three small chapters to enrich your life in an unexpected way."
Lydia Bender, Lover of Jesus

"The Joel Bible Study proved to be a refreshing and inviting journey into His word. The study drove me deeper; twenty minutes turned into an hour. The questions were thought-provoking and relevant. I would highly recommend the Joel Bible Study."
Jim Schutz, Missionary, Peru & Ecuador

"Think this Old Testament book is old news? Wrong! Greenfield does a wonderful job helping you find yourself in this study of Joel."
Brad Hammond, Missionary, Haiti